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the science of achievement

At Daily Wake Up we are in the business of helping people to get what they want. And we know there is a science to achievement, so this forms the building blocks of everything we do.

Having a mind and brain is like being in charge of a super computer, often without the manual or training on how to use it!

Just thinking about what that ‘computer’ is actually capable of can be overwhelming and confusing. But… by sharing some simple processes, we can show you how to get the best performance out of your mind and brain to unleash your potential, boost your energy levels, increase your focus, feel happier, be more connected, and achieve your goals.

At Daily Wake Up we educate you on how to make changes to improve your life. And part of that is getting your mind, brain and body into great working order.

For example, Scientists studying the brain in Canada (Royal Society of Canada, November 2012) have proven that stress, worry and trauma can impact on the development of important brain cells and that can affect our enjoyment of life.

But what they’ve also found is that we can encourage the re-growth of these valuable brain cells by doing these three things:

Practice Mindfulness

Increase positive relationships



the science of achievement

how Daily Wake Up works…

Change One Thing (achieve anything)

We know that small changes to the information that people absorb every day can have a profoundly positive impact on their lives. So our programmes help you to change the daily habit of what you listen to.

Safe Shallow Water (dip your toes in first)

We understand that starting a coaching or training course can feel a bit like jumping off a ten-metre diving board straight into the deep end! That’s why we invite participants to take part in programmes that begin with a lower level of commitment to develop a friendly and trusting relationship, before being introduced to further materials.

Invest a Little, Gain a Lot (15 mins a day)

High quality training and education can be delivered to groups when everyone invests a small amount of money to access material that may have ordinarily been out of reach. And investing a small amount of time each day significantly improves results.

Power of Three (group go-get-ability)

We are motivated by our desire to help and support others. When we take part as a group, the ‘You, Me, Us’ connection ensures that community energy is stronger than by working independently. The group works as a support mechanism that helps its members to transition through change.

Knowledge is Power (providing information)

Knowledge is power because it empowers us to make informed choices. We believe everyone should have access to liberating information and education. Knowledge is like true food of life, but the key is in knowing how to apply the information and we teach you how to do that.

Repetition & Immersion (education about learning)

We learn all our habits, ideas and beliefs through constant repetition and immersion. In order to affect change, participants listen to positive material every day on a consistent basis and this 'daily practice' in turn leads to increased self-belief, motivation and action. (University College London study 2009, found it takes repeating something for an average of 66 consecutive days to change a habit).

The Science of balance (eastern and western philisophies)

We believe that we can learn from both; modern Western research about the science of the brain (which helps us improve our performance), and ancient Eastern wisdom and philosophies (which helps us to live a balanced and healthy life). So we employ both viewpoints in all of our programmes.


We’re here to help you – unleash your potential, increase your knowledge and achieve your goals.

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who are we?

our vision

our vision

The Daily Wake Up vision is to affect positive change in the world by inspiring, educating and motivating individuals to unleash their potential.

We’re working passionately towards our mission of making important information accessible to all.

We’re excited to be working with Individuals, Commercial & Government organisations, and Third Sector Joint Venture partners. Our products help them to create positive change in their lives and in their organisations by supporting individuals to change their daily habits.

We have a range of programmes which are designed, using our methodology, The Science of Achievement, to increase knowledge, action, focus, well-being and go-get-ability. We help people to increase their confidence, feel empowered, be happier, improve results, feel good and loads more.

The pillars of our business are built firmly on social awareness and responsibility, as well as using innovative solutions to provide training resources to a wide and currently underserved marketplace.

linda mcbride


Linda McBride is a widely respected, forward thinking and highly determined entrepreneur and visionary whose mission is to create positive change in the world by empowering individuals, both in life and in business.

Drawing from personal experience, Linda has developed an inspiring way of interpreting and responding to challenges, in order to transform her own life and the lives of others.

A skilled persuader and influencer, by 2012 Linda had been helping businesses to improve their performance and to develop their people for nearly 20 years. And it was then, at the age of 36, she realised her true purpose in life: to share the vital information she has learned with as many people as possible.

She’s trained with world renowned Bob Proctor in Canada, pursued personal studies of social psychology and philosophy and developed her own self development programmes, aimed at helping individuals create lives of supreme enjoyment, well-being and abundance.

She is the Founder of Daily Wake Up and currently holds the voluntary position of Chairman of The Junior Chamber of Commerce (JCI) in Glasgow.

pay it forward

Our ‘Pay It Forward’ program means that for every ten people that enrol on ’30 Day Wake Up’ we can offer a funded place to someone where the course fee is beyond their current means.

We also provide a small number of scholarship places on our courses to individuals who are either unemployed, of limited means, in full time education or retired.

We’re doing this because we strongly believe that financial circumstances should not be a barrier to education and development.

associated charity

We care very much about the work that others are doing within their communities and we recognise this by supporting a key charity currently within the UK.

In particular we support the betterment of  Mental Health because we want to help reduce the stigma that those with mental health challenges face.

It’s estimated that one in four of the population will experience some sort of mental health illness in their lifetime. This could be through things like stress, post-natal depression or dealing with trauma.

The charity in the UK that we support are currently;

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