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Becoming and staying hungry.

November 29th, 2017 Posted by Top Tips 2 comments

The trait I admire most in the entrepreneurs that I follow and know personally is their insatiable appetites for growth.

Every day is centered on the hustle. The opportunity. The outcome. The numbers on the board. The people in the seats. The service provided. The financial gain. The knowledge.

They “get up and get at it”.

They have a very clear daily agenda and an unwavering belief (well, most of the time) that helps them to keep going after the rude customer complaint, late delivery, failed operational issue, team member meltdown etc.

They seem to have built the daily habit of resilience.

Perhaps they were born with it? Perhaps if you wonder about that for too long you’ll never achieve the success that they have?

The way I see it is that that they’ve developed ‘the hunger’ as an art.

They’ve started a masterpiece that they know will never be complete – but they are comfortable with having it on display, to EVERYONE.

They’ve learned how to be vulnerable.

They’re getting better at receiving criticism from clients, staff, family and even business partners.

Their hunger is on show and subject to scrutiny from ALL angles.

So, if you’re keen to become and stay hungry take look at your idea or venture and start asking;


1. What is it all for? (what have you got the appetite for?)

Better to live life now than to get ready to live life in the future, right? Great! So set a goal of whatever is most important to you, ‘financial freedom’, ‘early retirement’, ‘live on purpose’, ‘spread the word’, ‘help others’ etc. Get clear on your vision and mission.

2. What are you thinking? (being vulnerable admitting that you’re hungry)

Had an inspired idea this morning? Pick up the phone and follow the lead. When you overthink you are destined for procrastination and self-doubt, which will paralyse your chances of true and meaningful success.

3. Get help with the strategy. (get used to asking for help with everything)

Pull together a one-page strategy of how you will achieve your goal. It might change. Ask others to collaborate with you. Get professional advice if you feel you need it. Keep it simple to start with.

4. Keep going no matter what. (get used to eating dishes you don’t like)

So, you set a goal, you took action and you fell flat on your face? So what? It happens to those who are trying. Failure is part of the game. Get up, revisit your strategy, keep moving and get back on track asap. Make consistency your ally.

5. Create a great morning routine. (don’t assume the next course is coming)

Invest in yourself. Develop yourself. Attend events. Meditate. Exercise. Drink water. Read books. Eat well. Allow your thinking to be challenged. Don’t be stuck in your ways. Embrace change.

You’ll receive feedback whether you asked for it or not and you’ll often hear that your masterpiece is not perfect.

Sure. That’s ok.

Remember, a hungry belly is never full.

Strive to create something that you can put on display. Now. Just like this, imperfect article!

In the mid-1990’s one of Apple’s first handheld devices, the Newton PDA looked like this;



Steve Jobs may have killed off the product in his return to Apple in 1997 but it’s claimed the technological advancements made during the Newton’s development led to the first generation multi-touch devices in i-phone and i-pad.

Where would over five hundred million users of i-phone be if Apple had never experimented and shown their unfinished and hungry masterpiece to the world?

Go on. Show us what you’ve got.

(And thanks to all the hustlers who have inspired me to write this article. You are brilliant!)



Author Linda McBride, Transformational Coach, Founder of Daily Wake Up and Creator of Power Wake Up. Linda inspires leaders to transform their lives by energising their morning routine. She is a converted morning person and an advocate of her own philosophy ‘change one thing, achieve anything’.

Would you like more insights on how to change habits and create a powerful morning routine? Join us for our exclusive webinar “What The High Achievers Know That You Don’t: How To Transform Your Mindset and Well-Being With One Simple Daily Habit”.

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Avatar Cathie Way says:

Great post. Just what was needed.
Thank you, Linda.

Linda Linda says:

Thanks Cathie! Really pleased you enjoyed the read. There will be more to come soon, Have a brilliant day xx

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