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Efficiency vs Enjoyment: How do you get to work?

June 12th, 2017 Posted by Top Tips No Comment yet


Mapping apps are great! They tell us how to get from point A to point B in the shortest time, so we can save precious commuting minutes and use them on something else. But is the shortest path always the best one?

When you have to get to work, school, home, you usually take the same path, right? The one that gets you to your destination the fastest. But doesn’t it get dull?
By following the map’s suggestion day in, day out, this suggestion becomes the definitive route to your destination. It may feel exciting for the first, second, third time, but what about after that?

We stop caring about our surroundings, turn the music up, and zone out until we get to our destination. What about the excitement of seeing new things, experiencing different environments?
Taking the ‘definitive route’ approach is robbing ourselves of the possibility to truly explore the town or city, for what? To save a few minutes? Instead, we could find a path that makes us happy, one that leads through a park instead of a car park!

We live in a world designed for efficiency. It’s time to escape that world and find inspiration in the little things – a quiet street, a beautiful building, a tall tree. Adventures may be dangerous, but living a life ruled only by routine – that’s deadly.

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