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increase in net profit & business efficiencies

empowered leadership presence

improved decision making

sharper mind & focus

stronger & healthier body

calmer moods & improved self discipline

who's already using Daily Wake Up...

"Thank you, Linda, for the amazing coaching, that is Daily Wake Up! Your online live programme at just 15 minutes a day is exactly what I was looking for, and the results speak for themselves! I'm more focused, happy and energised. Your booster shot of positivity has inspired me to set goals, achieve them and grow my business. I'm so grateful for the tools and techniques you have shared. I'd recommend Daily Wake Up to anyone looking to take their business, idea or career to the next level. If you've never had a coach before, get in touch with Linda at Daily Wake Up - it works!"

Ali McHugh, Client Director, Glasgow, UK

"I've been part of Daily Wake Up since 2016 and it helped me build my confidence to starting my own business. I opened a cafe and catering company in October 2016 and it's been growing each month. The growth has been both exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. There's been so much to learn! Being part of the Power Wake Up programme each day means that I'm much more accountable in how I manage things and it's also helped my leadership development and made me more effective at handling challenging situations. I'm also more focused on my health and well-being and create positive daily habits that help me manage the pressures of running a team and the overall business."

Kate Cooper, Founder, Cafe Taste

Linda McBride is the founder of Daily Wake Up and creator of Power Wake Up.

Having worked in senior positions within blue chip and large SME’s, and being a certified Leadership Training Facilitator with the world-renowned Proctor Gallagher Institute, she combines her commercial knowledge with her training expertise.

She understands, from personal experience, that business is much more enjoyable when you have a coach to support you. And she knows that a happier healthier human means a stronger business and a better work / life balance. Personal growth, and satisfaction at achieving goals, create a powerful ripple effect in the working environment.

Linda founded Daily Wake Up to better enjoy creating her own powerful daily habits, as well as to fulfill her mission of making life changing information accessible to all.

Linda McBride, Certified Coach & Founder (sister, daughter, friend, partner)

Jill Trevena is a Daily Wake Up Coach and founder of 'Universal Prosperity'. She trained as an Occupational Therapist and Mindset Coach. Her personal experience of overcoming her own anxiety and stress throughout her working life has helped her to become an excellent teacher.  She advocates the benefits that mindfulness and meditation has to transform life's. She left employment in Occupational Therapy to share her message and tools with others to help them live a life beyond stress and anxiety. Her favourites are guided relaxation, positive psychology and positive affirmations."

Jill Trevena, Therapist, Coach, Business Owner (mum, wife, friend, daughter)

Expect to...

Sharpen the Saw

Understand the science of achievement and you'll turn the sometimes challenging roller coaster of business, into the fun, exhilarating and rewarding adventure it's supposed to be.

Excel as a Leader

The daily practice of mindfulness, meditation, and leadership insights, help provide clarity and improve decision making.  Feel calmer, clearer headed and more confident each day.

Calibrate Daily

Connect with your inner-self and improve the most important relationship of them all - the one you have with you. Feel alive, empowered and excel!

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Larger business? Talk to us about Flexible Service Credits.

Start your FREE trial today. Worth £100.

We value your privacy and keep your information private