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One Step at a Time

June 20th, 2017 Posted by Top Tips No Comment yet

one step time

A lot of people dream of doing something that gives them a sense of excitement and purpose. Only some people believe that is possible. Even fewer pursue that goal and overcome the obstacles to get there.

Belief in possibility and the willingness to try can mean the difference between feeling alive and feeling hopeless. Even if you don’t get there quickly, believing in getting there is more powerful than you think.

The woman who spends her days going to auditions—she may not be a famous actress, but she’s an actress who could find work, work that may lead to opportunities she can’t even imagine.

The man who wants to bike across the US someday—every hour he devotes to training increases his chances of achieving his goal. Every time he does something related to his goal, he is one step closer to achieving it.

There will always be people who doubt you, people who think you should do what’s easy, things you may hate doing. You may even be one of them some day. Don’t think about that right now, though. Instead, think about taking one more step.

Maybe it’s the first thing you need to do. Research a market. Request a job application. Schedule a lesson. Or maybe you’ve already made some strides but there’s still more to be done.
Whatever the case may be, do something today. Take that step with faith in your ability to become who you want to be. Even if you have a lingering doubt in the back of your mind, suspend that thought for just a short while, and believe in your potential.

A small step won’t turn fantasy into reality. But one step leads to another, which leads to another, and eventually creates the future you’ve been molding for so long. You never know where your steps will take you in life, but they’ll take you a lot further if you visualise where you want to go, and then act as though you can get there.

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