What The High Achievers Know That You Don’t: How To Transform Your Mindset and Well-Being With One Simple Daily Habit.

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Hosted by Linda McBride

Creator of Power Wake Up, Linda inspires leaders & change-makers to transform their lives and business through energising their morning routine, creating powerful daily habits and leading by example.

Top three reasons to attend this training:

  • Why the business industry is 3-6 months away from a leadership crisis, and what you can do now to make sure you, your business and your people survive
  • Learn what the Highest Achievers are doing and follow our 3-step model that turns our clients from feeling frustrated with their lifestyle habits and turns them into strong and happy leaders that are making an amazing impact on the world
  • Follow our simple structure that allows you to change simple habits in just 15 mins a day, wherever you are in the world

privacy We value your privacy