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Learn how to sell your value, empower your team and scale your business without burnout
(even if you're feeling overwhelmed and undervalued).

You're going to discover... 

  • Why most sales coaches are sharing tools that are out of date and the simple change you can make that will improve every sales conversation.

  • How to bring back the joy and excitement of running a business by working less and delivering more value for clients.

  • Why value-based pricing means charging what you are worth and also improves the business cash flow and profits once and for all

  • The powerful leadership tool that no other coach is teaching which will create significant shifts in your self-belief, empower your team and has seen our best clients reach 6 figure months.

  • AND... how to do ALL of this while by making a greater and more positive impact on the world.

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Linda McBride
Founder,  Daily Wake Up

Linda McBride is a Sales and Leadership coach who helps leaders sell their value and position themselves as experts while scaling their business without burnout.

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Disclaimer: Success takes effort and commitment. You and your business are unique, therefore your results will be unique. If you’re looking for “get rich quick” or “get rich easy”, please look elsewhere.